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Celtic Salt

Celtic Salt by Viking 8oz Organic Kosher Sea Salt 84 Essential Minerals

Celtic Salt by Viking 8oz Organic Kosher Sea Salt 84 Essential Minerals

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Celtic Salt by Viking the epitome of Organic purity and excellence in sea salt. Meticulously hand-harvested from pristine coastal regions, this 8oz resealable bag of light grey, fine-grain salt is the embodiment of natural goodness, untouched by processing or refinement.

Derived from age-old traditions and wisdom of the Celtic sea, our Viking Celtic Salt is a treasure trove of 84 essential minerals, making it a crucial addition to your culinary repertoire. These minerals include zinc, iron, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iodine, and numerous others, offering a symphony of flavors and health benefits in each delicate crystal.

Unleash the rich, earthy undertones and nuanced complexities of our Viking Celtic Salt seasoning in your dishes. From enhancing the flavors of your favorite meals to infusing your creations with vitality, this sea salt provides the ideal balance of taste and nourishment. Uncompromising in its purity and authenticity, our Viking Celtic Salt celebrates nature's perfection, promising an unparalleled dining experience.

Add a touch of tradition and a wealth of minerals to your culinary journey with Viking Celtic Salt — a testament to the art of salt harvesting and the allure of untouched, unprocessed nature.

✔️ Organic
✔️ Kosher
✔️ Non GMO
✔️ 84 Essential Minerals
✔️ Hand Harvested

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